38 special snub nose load data

Experts argue over the exact specifications of a snubnose revolver. Modern shooters often consider semi-autos as pocket guns due to their size.

However, hammerless snubbies and revolvers with bobbed or shrouded hammers exist to prevent the gun from snagging on clothing, a primary concern in the days before semi-automatic pistols. The term snubby used to relate almost exclusively to the. Today, the firearm uses many calibers, including. The snubby has a long and vibrant history starting in Like most new rounds, necessity was the reason for the creation of the.

It replaced the. The military and law enforcement needed something better. The propellant used in the original. A year later, smokeless powder arrived on the scene, changing the game for all firearms. Today, the maximum standard pressure for a load is 17, PSI. Current bullet weights vary from to Grains.

The snubnose owns a large piece of firearms history. Historians write at length about other celebrated models including the Webley. Advanced technology has allowed the manufacture of new models using modern materials. The materials include polymer and lightweight metal alloys, such as titanium, instead of the old school carbon steel, stainless steel.

Aficionados argue all the time about which is better — a wheel gun or semi-auto. Pros and cons exist for each. Since the s, concealed carrying is more popular than ever, only further igniting the argument. Along with arguing over the best self-defense rounds, bullet weights, and jacketed hollow point JHP or full metal jacket FMJ specs, is the discussion of being able to draw the gun when needed.

Other than wearing an ankle holster or storing the gun in a purse or backpack, most want a weapon that can be slipped into a pocket or tucked inside a waistband.

In that instance, a pocket pistol semi-auto serves the purpose better than a bulkier wheel gun. The snubby offers a distinct profile, making it easier to put your finger on the trigger. That also makes it easier to shoot from inside a pocket or bag.

38 special snub nose load data

While a semi-auto pocket pistol fires faster repeat shots than a double-action revolver, it also has a better chance of misfiring or jamming, neither of which is helpful in a critical situation. While terminal performance and reaching safety are paramount, statistics show that the probability of actually firing a handgun in a self-defense situation is small. Drawing down is the key to scaring off an attacker.

In that case, either handgun will do. Despite the variety of snubnose revolvers on the market today, the primary battle continues between the. One confusing fact about the two rounds is that they are nearly identical in their design. Take the. As you can see, the ballistics of two are nearly identical. The critical point is that the. FBI standards determine the parameters of most terminal ballistics tests. The FBI established ballistics protocols after the Miami Shootout, where several agents were wounded or killed.

This test offers no guarantee that the round will penetrate flesh and bone out on the street, but indicates that it will be effective in taking down a target.I grew up in a home where watching The Lone Ranger was a very common form of entertainment.

I wept when it broke years later. All that mattered was I get to hold the damn thing. I know, I know. I never shy away from the fact that I like the cheaper and more affordable options on just about anything, from food and wine to computer hardware to firearms. In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide to. We will outline what they are, the specific features of these guns, the history of these guns, and more. We will even examine proper usage techniques.

Next, we will examine our picks for the best magnum revolvers. There are many choices when it comes to this magnum handgun, and we intend to ensure that you make the right one.

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Therefore, we will give you our top picks, and even help you make your decision. Read through this article with an idea of what you want from a There are many options on the market, and you have to be sure that what you pick matches your needs. So first sit down, and take time to think about what it is you want, and then dive into our list and guide.

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Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear. So I had to make do with the Tauruswhich looks similar to the Python because of its vented rib and full underlug. It will get the job done. And with proper care and maintenance it should outlast me, heck my grandsons would still probably be able to shoot it someday. So on to the subject of this article. For what purpose? So I decided to create a list of what I think are some of the best.

The weight of the cylinder empty or loaded can bend the yoke, i.Snubnose revolvers continue to be popular for self-defense. And one of the most popular cartridges- if not the most popular cartridge- for those revolvers is the. Plenty of components for handloading are available, so there aren't any concerns there.

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But handloaders need to know a few peculiarities about building the ammunition for those short-barreled revolvers. One is the need to securely crimp the case mouths to preclude the bullets from jumping the crimp. Just about everyone reading this magazine is aware of the need to securely crimp the case mouths on ammo for heavy-recoiling magnum handguns, but how many know the same thing is necessary for a relatively lightweight handgun?

Another critical consideration for handloading for a short-barreled revolver is selecting a proper powder-and-bullet recipe. Because we are trying to balance two opposing performance criteria: bullet penetration and expansion. An FMJ bullet penetrates deeper because it doesn't expand and all of the bullet's energy is expended on penetration.

Depending on point of impact, even the fastest FMJ bullet may not immediately disable the bad guy. On the other hand, a similarly speedy bullet having the thinnest possible jacket with multiple skives surrounding a large hollow cavity in the nose, often filled with a polymer plug to enhance expansion, probably won't penetrate at all and could likely blow up upon impact. Messy, sure, but again, the bullet may not be immediately disabling.

Of course, balancing penetration and expansion is most difficult when handloading ammo for short-barreled handguns.

Even the best personal-defense bullet must be launched at a muzzle velocity that ensures it will impact fast enough to properly expand. In most handguns, the propellant is fully combusted in the first couple of inches of the barrel. However, a longer barrel allows the propellant gas pressure to continue to accelerate the bullet until it exits the muzzle.

A snubnose revolver necessarily sacrifices ballistic performance for personal-defense considerations such as concealment and ease of carry. But there's no need to further curtail cartridge performance by using less-than-optimal components, such as a bullet that's too heavily constructed to expand at expected lower velocities or a propellant that can't transfer the most muzzle energy possible to the bullet in the short barrel. A word of warning is in order.

You must take extra care to ensure you do not inadvertently double or triple charge a case. Modern smokeless propellants are much more energetic, so a typical charge of 6.You can bookmark the Site with your loadout or copy the links below to share it with your friends. Link as BBCode. HTML Link. Plain Link.

Smurfy Link needs forum plugin. On the left side, you will find a Button called "No mech selected" or with the name of the current loaded variant.

Reloading 38 Special target rounds for snub nose \u0026 shooting

Clicking on that button will open a menu, from which you can select any available variant and load it into the mechlab. By default a completely empty mech will be loaded. To put new weapons or equipment to your mech simply drag and drop the items from the equipment bar to your mech.

To remove items from your loadout you can drag and drop the item back to the equipment bar, or click the X icon in the slot. To remove all items from the mech, click the "Tools" button and select "Strip mech". A Popup will appear in which you can copy the unique url to your loadout. This url can be bookmarked or shared.

If you are registered, you can add your saved mech to the mechbay. In the mechbay itself you can see a quick overview about the mech. A click on the name automatically loads the loadout to the mechlab. All information shown is based on game-data released on Please select a mech variant via the button "No mech selected". Have fun building and sharing your loadouts. Most of the Data shown here will be parsed from the Gamefiles. Which allows me to quickly update after each patch.

CBill data provided by Snib. Huge thanks for that.

Handloading the .38 Special for Snubnose Revolvers

Also big thanks to ArcDemon for map file parsing infos. Updated missile tube data by drillson. I want to thank BlarkSnibRicciardi for their great feedback and beta test of the Mechlab and all others from the Feedback thread.

Please give me Feedback in my thread if you want more things displayed or found a bug in my data. There are forum plugins available and for complex stuff you can use an api. You will find the forum plugins and documentation about the api on my github. Thank you, for wanting to donate.A snubnosed revolver colloquially known as a snubbiebelly gun or bulldog revolver is any small, medium, or large frame revolver with a short barrel, which is generally 3 inches or less in length.

Smaller revolvers are often made with "bobbed" or "shrouded" hammers, and there are even "hammerless" models, all allowing the gun to be drawn quickly with little risk of it snagging on clothing. The shrouded and hammerless models may even be fired through a coat or jacket pocket. Snubnosed revolvers were extremely popular in the United States until the s and s, when most states passed laws limiting or prohibiting the carry of concealed weapons.

However, the passage of " shall issue " firearms license laws from the mids to the s, created new markets for small, simple, reliable, concealed carry firearms, and resulted in a resurgence in the popularity of snubnosed revolvers in the United States. While most were made of traditional carbon steel, stainless steeland lightweight aluminum alloys that had been in use for decades, some of the newer models used high-strength, lightweight metal alloys such as titanium and scandium.

More recently even polymer frames have been used. Most manufacturers now produce snubnosed revolvers in larger calibers than before, such as.

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Some companies even make. The first snubnosed revolvers were the 6 shot, 3" barreled Colt Single Action Army revolvers made without ejector rods, officially called the "Sheriff's Model," and the "Storekeeper's Model", [2] also unofficially known as the "Banker's Special. Webley produced smaller scaled. The term "bulldog revolver" would go on to become synonymous with large caliber "snubnosed revolvers.

The Colt M Double Action Revolver is a 6-shot, double-action revolver manufactured by Colt from January to for a total ofrevolvers. The Model was offered in three calibers, which lent them three unofficial names: the. The revolver was available in 2. The shorter barreled versions without the ejector rod were marketed as "Shopkeeper's Special". It is a small, concealable, 5-shot, double-action revolver chambered in either.

They were most often produced with 2", 3" and 3. They also had a grip safety. They were known as "The New Departure" to reflect the company's new approach to designing revolvers.

Fitz Special revolvers are made by shortening the barrel to two inchesshortening the ejector rod, bobbing the hammer spurremoving the front half of the trigger guard, and rounding the butt. Reshaping the hammer and the butt allows the gun to be drawn quickly with little risk of the weapon snagging on clothing.

The halved trigger guard facilitates quick trigger acquisition, even for shooters with large fingers or gloves. He later modified two. The FitzGerald Special was the precursor to the modern snubnosed revolver and specifically the prototype for the Colt Detective Special. The Colt Detective Special is a carbon steel framed double-actionsnubnosed, six-shot revolver. As the name "Detective Special" suggests, this model revolver was used as a concealed weapon by plainclothes police detectives.

It was made with either a 2" or 3" barrels. Introduced inthe Detective Special was the first snubnosed revolvers produced with a modern swing-out frame. It was designed from the outset to be chambered for higher-powered cartridges such as the. In production sinceit is a medium-sized, 6-shot. Over its long production run it has been available with barrel lengths of 4", 5" and 6".

38 special snub nose load data

For the Model 36, they designed a small concealable, 5-shot, double-action revolver with a 2" barrelthat could fire the more powerful. Since the older "Safety Hammerless" I-frame was not able to handle this load, a new frame was designed, which became the J-frame.It is most commonly used in revolversalthough some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. Known for its accuracy and manageable recoil, the. It is used for target shooting, formal target competition, personal defense, and for hunting small game.

Despite its name, the caliber of the. This came about because the original. Except for case length, the. This allows the. However, the longer and more powerful. During the late s, and in response to demands for a more effective law enforcement version of the cartridge, a new standard-velocity loading for the. This cartridge was called the. Britain would later adopt the. In Maya new. Inthe U. Air Force adopted the Cartridge, Caliber. The original.

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Bya slightly revised M Army for security police, dog handlers, and other personnel equipped with. Tracer cartridges in. A request for more powerful. In response to continued complaints over ineffectiveness of the standard. Inthe Federal Bureau of Investigation introduced a new. Demand for a. Originally labeled "For Law Enforcement Only", [25] [ unreliable source? Due to its black-powder heritage, the. By modern standards, the. All three of these are usually found in semi-automatic pistols.

The higher-pressure. All of the above specifications for. Although only a few US police departments now issue or authorize use of the.

It is also widely used in revolvers purchased for civilian, home defense or for concealed carry by individuals with a CCW permit. There are many companies that manufacture. It can range from light target loads to more powerful defensive ammunition. Because of the relatively low pressure that the. InSpeer Bullets introduced the Gold Dot jacketed hollow-point. Another solution is to use an unjacketed soft lead hollow-point bullet as found in the FBI Load.

The cartridge's straight walls, headspacing on the rim, ready availability of previously-fired cases, and ability to be fired in. Additionally, the.

38 special snub nose load data

This flexibility in powders translates directly to versatility in muzzle energy that a handloader can achieve. Thus, with proper care, a suitably-strong revolver, and adherence to safe handloading practices, the.Zorya - Athletic Club 1-0 Under 2. Real Sociedad - Zenit 1-2 2 5. Vardar - Rosenborg 0-1 2 6. Olympique Marseille - Salzburg 1-3 2 Make WWW.

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38 special snub nose load data

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